A lot has been said about this recently, but it is an unavoidable issue. Mexico is going through a period that is the result of a long social instability. Although this has a general social implication, particularly affects each region of the country in a different manner. This is part of a multifacetic reality, that involves each one of its layers and supplies a broad scenario, providing context for everyday life and its issues.

Based on this, artistic projects can be developed in a period of reformulation and expansion of the current artistic environment. This has taken the individual artistic process into areas that have aspects in common and that link social, political and economic circumstances in a very implicit manner.

This exhibition offers an individual artists’ perspective on the issues of their daily environment and circumstance, such as politics, cultural simbolic values, issues of power and sex and doses of humor, among others.

The exhibition features emerging mexican artists, whose artistic processes consist of a mixture of unconventional and traditional mediums such as painting, drawing and engraving, as well as object and photography installations. Some of the work has been part of previous shows and some has been exclusively created for this exhibition.