A flux diagram is a graphic representation of data flowing through an information system. Usually, the beginning of each process is the end of the previous one and its end is the entry into the next process. This exhibition tries to keep a continous flow among the interaction of its images, objects and data as their origin comes from a series of concepts that interact and that are a consequence of each other.

In Mexico, during this year’s traditional “Labor Day” parade on the 1st of May, there was a common demand for a constitutional right which united participants and observers: Public Safety. According to political commentators the Mexican people’s demand for public safety did not get to the heart of the problem. Although public safety is an important problem in Mexico, a country that has maintained aparent social stability in the past, but instead, they proclaimed that today’s lawlessness gave their opinions, and their common points of view were about a general misunderstanding on the main problem, which isn’t safety; but the national economy and its sistematical crash downs as the fundament of each and every common problem; unemployment as one of the most important of all.

Immersed in chaos, where cities and borders are suddenly turned in battlefields; facing that corn and oil production doesn’t belong to mexican people anymore; with extreme situations manipulated as soap operas; with a national leader who claims to have won apocalyptic battles,all mexicans really do in their daily lives, this country is built and deconstructed constantly. It is still unclear what will happened way before the so called Bicentennial.